Elco Youth Wrestling

Program Information

The Elco Youth Wrestling program is offered to all  children from age four through sixth grade. 

Registration for the season is held in early November.  Forms announcing the registration nights will be sent home from school with the  students in October. Registration for the youth team coincides with a wrestling  clinic offered by the high school coach.  The clinic is designed to provide a  brief introduction to the sport. Registration can be completed during the clinic  nights or by obtaining the registration form from the website and mailing in  the form and registration fee so that they are received by the club by the date  of the second registration night which is typically in early November.

Practices begin towards the end of November. At the youth  level, wrestling is primarily an individual (not a team) sport and therefore  tournaments are voluntary.  Tournaments are held on the weekends. A few  tournaments are local, but most tournaments require travel. Transportation is  the responsibility of the parents.  We currently host one tournament each  season at Elco High School which is usually at the end of January. The regular  season typically concludes in early March. However, post season tournaments  continue into April and there are wrestling opportunities year round.  More information can be found at www.elcowrestling.com