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2019 Practice Schedules

2019 Practice Schedule (pdf)


Spring 2019 Coach Contact Information:

2019 Coaches List (pdf)


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Training Links

Here are some links that you may find helpful.

Enjoy various links from B2B's baseball's Marc Shoenfelt 

Batting Drills

   Fence Drill

   Frisbee Drill (one handed, with tee ball bat) 

   Hitting Zones 

   Getting hands inside the baseball 

   Seven Steps to a Perfect Swing

   How to Hit a Baseball

Throwing Drill - Quick Hands 

Fielding Drill - Working through the ball  

Other - How to Slide

Spring Baseball Registration


Registration for our 2019 spring season closed on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2019.


6U = $30
8U = $40

10U = $50
12U = $50
Midget = $75
14U = $75


6U- children born 9/1/2012 through 8/31/2014

8U-Children born 9/1/2010 through 8/31/2012

10U-Children born 9/1/2008 through 8/31/2010

12U/Midget-Children born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2008

14U-Children born 9/1/2004 through 8/31/2006

Age Chart

2019 Baseball Age Chart (pdf)


Raffle Winners

Here are the results of our 2018 fundraiser raffle


Special thank you to everyone who helped for their outstanding effort. Additionally, thank you to the local businesses who made donations to support local baseball for our children.

1)  $500 Cash- D. Zartman

2)  55 Inch 4K Television- J. Kreider

3)  I-Pad-A. Parker

4)  $100 Cash- B. Gipe

5)  $100 Cash- B. Kisser

6)  $100 Cash- B. Goodison

7)  $100 Cash- P. Flores

8)  Quadcopter Drone- L. Heilman

9)  Quadcopter Drone- K. Mogel

10)  Norvex Gift Bag- J. Brightbill

11)  $50 Cash- B. Deeks

12)  $50 Cash- B. Gettle

13)  $50 Cash- G. Areiza

14)  $50 Cash- B. Heck

15)  Foundry Gift Card- B. Templin

16)  Foundry Gift Card- P. Mogel

17)  Lu La Roe Gift Card- J. Stites

18)  Country Fair Gift Card- L. Berger

19)  County Fair Gift Card-D. Shanaman

20)  Smith Candies Gift Card- C. Zimmerman

21)  Johnny & Hons Smokehaus Gift Card-R. Hickernell

22)  Johnny & Hons Smokehaus Gift Card-S. Schaffer

23)  Johnny & Hons Smokehaus Gift Card-M. Lentz

24)  Johnny & Hons Smokehaus Gift Card-K. Zimmerman

25)  Johnny & Hons Smokehaus Gift Card-C. Schmidt

26)  Lauck’s Sporting Goods Gift Card- A. Kline

27)  Lauck’s Sporting Goods Gift Card-J. Schott

28)  Lauck’s Sporting Goods Gift Card-G. Showers

29)  Lauck’s Sporting Goods Gift Card- Missi P.

30)  Infinito’s Gift Card- J. Mays

31)  Infinito’s Gift Card- C. Miller

32)  Infinito’s Gift Card-G. Miller

If you have any questions regarding the raffle or are trying to pick up your prize, please contact Marc Pavenski at MPavenski@comcast.net or (717) 507-2325.

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ELCO Youth Baseball Committee:

Brian McDonnell, President

PO Box 1

Myerstown, PA 17067


Marc Pavenski, Vice President

Jason Firestone, Secretary

Vanessa Henson, Treasurer



We are  excited to once again be using  the LUCKY LOTTO fundraiser  this year.  We have found this to be the easiest fundraiser we have ever used. Here is how it works.

Once someone agrees to buy a ticket from you, they scratch one of the spaces at the top of the book. That reveals the price they pay for the ticket anywhere from FREE, to $5.00. Then you have them fill out the left side of the ticket book and give them the right side of the ticket and you’re done. When you do this forty times and sell your whole book, you turn in the book of filled out tickets along with your $115.00 check made payable to ELCO Youth Baseball on Picture Day. All players that sell their entire book will receive ten free tickets to put into the main raffle drawing.

Q.  What if I can’t sell the whole book? 

A.  Obviously we would like to see everyone sell their entire book, but if you can’t please sell what you can and hand in the partial book and filled out tickets with a check made out to ELCO YOUTH BASEBALL in the amount of the funds you have collected.

Q.  Can I sell more than one book?

 A. YES.  We have a limited amount of extra books available on a first come, first serve basis.  You will receive 10 additional tickets for every additional book you sell.  If you need another book please contact Marc Pavenski at 717-507-2325

Q. Why didn't one of my children receive a fundraiser book in their packet? 

A. We are only asking each family to sell one book, so if you have more than one child playing, the oldest child should have received the book in their packet.

ELCO YOUTH BASEBALL spends over $20,000 annually. This fundraiser is our way of providing a great program for the children of our community and also helps to keep our registration costs down.  

2017 Raffle Winners (pdf)



Listed below are the different baseball field locations that we use throughout the Eastern Lebanon County area. 

Printer-Friendly Directions 

Grumbine Field
55 Creamery St, Myerstown, PA 17067
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head west on Route 422 / West Lincoln Avenue for one mile. Turn left onto South Fairlane Avenue. (Landmarks for this turn are Layser’s Flowers and Nursery and West End Pizza & Pub.) Go 500 feet to a four-way stop sign, where you will turn right onto West Main Street. Head west for 0.2 miles to a left turn onto Creamery   Street. The ball field is one block down on your left.

Heidelberg Township Building
111 Mill Road, Schaefferstown, PA 17088
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head south on Route 501 or approximately 5 and 1/2 miles. Turn right onto Route 419 / Main Street) and go approximately 1/5 mile and turn left onto Mill Road. The ball field and parking is on the left side of Mill Street.

Jackson Meadows
94 W Jackson Av, Myerstown PA 17067
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head north on Route 501 for 0.2 miles and just before the "Y" for Hilltop Road & Route 501, and just after the Lantern Lodge, turn left onto Jackson Avenue. The field is on your right, 350 feet ahead. This is across the street from Jackson Meadows Playground.

Jackson Recreational Park
99 Creamery St, Myerstown, PA 17067
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head west on Route 422 / West Lincoln Avenue for one mile. Turn left onto South Fairlane Avenue. (Landmarks for this turn are Layser’s Flowers and Nursery and West End Pizza & Pub.) Go 500 feet to a four-way stop sign, where you will turn right onto West Main Street. Head west for 0.2 miles to a left turn onto Creamery Street. Go about 0.3 miles to the end of the road, where the fields will be on your left. If the asphalt parking lot is full by the fields, there is a grass lot at the end of Creamery St, beside the Maintenance Building.

Kutztown Community Fire Company
519 Kutztown Rd, Myerstown, PA 17067
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head west on Route 422 / West Lincoln Avenue for 0.3 miles to stoplight for Route 645 / Locust   Street. Turn right and head north on Route 645 / Locust Street. Go 0.8 miles and just after coming around a sharp curve to the left, turn right to stay on Route 645 / Kutztown Road. Go 0.7 miles north and you will see the Kutztown Community Fire Company on your left. The fields are behind the building.

97 Quarry Dr, Myerstown, PA 17067
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head south on Route 501 0.2 miles and turn left and onto Main Street. Head East on Main Avenue for 0.6 miles and turn right onto Quarry Drive. The field is   about 0.1 miles down on your left.

Newburg Village Field
60 Memorial Blvd, Newmanstown, PA 17073
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head East on 422 for 2.0 miles to stoplight. Turn Right onto Millardsville Rd heading South and continue 2.0 miles. Millardsville Rd turns into Main St of Richland, after left turn. Heading southeast continue 0.6 miles on Main St. Turn Left onto Linden St which turns into Sheridan Rd. Head East for 2.0 miles to traffic light.  After light take first left on Memorial Dr, continue for two blocks and take right on Parish Ave.  The field is to the left, at end of the street. 

Newmanstown Rec Fields / Noel Hertzog Memorial Fields ("Front" and "Back")
81 E Alumni Ave, Newmanstown, PA 17073
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head East on 422 for 2.0 miles to stoplight. Turn Right onto Millardsville Rd heading South and continue 2.0 miles. Millardsville Rd turns into Main St of Richland, after left turn. Heading southeast continue 0.6 miles on Main St. Turn Left onto Linden St which turns into Sheridan Rd. Head East for 2.0 miles to a playground parking lot on left.  The fields are behind the playground. 

Richland Borough Field
120 S Park St, Richland, PA 17087
From Route 422, head South into Richland (about two miles, past Quarry, over rail road tracks) on Millardsville Road, which turns onto Chestnut St and ultimately into Main St. Turn Right onto Park Street, which is the first right turn past the fire department. Stay straight four blocks to the ball field.

Schaefferstown Fire Company
410 W Oak St, Schaefferstown, PA 17088
From the intersection of Route 501 and Route 422, head south on Route 501 for approximately 5 and 1/2 miles. Turn left onto Oak Street (just before the Speedway gas station) and continue east on Oak Street to stop sign at Locust street. (The Fire Company is now on your left) Continue straight / east on Oak Street approximately 500 feet and turn left into facility. The Fire Company field is straight ahead.

Hats for sale:

We have had some interest from parents wanting to buy team hats. Either the blue and gold for the travel team or the black and white of the recreational division. We have some extras for sale. Please e-mail baseball@elcoyouthsports.org for more information. 

Vacation planning?

Every year we have parents ask us when they should plan their vacations, to ensure not missing any baseball. This year we anticipate our season and playoffs to be concluded by June 30th. 

Used equipment:

Display their FAQs

We have gotten some questions from parents who want to know if we are interested in receiving donations of gently used catcher's equipment and bats. We most certainly are. Please feel free to contact any of the committee members or our equipment manager. Unfortunately we are not interested in used pants, cleats and gloves.


Q: Can my child play "up" with older children in the next division?

A:  A different way to consider this opportunity is asking, should my child play "up" with older children in the next division?

Obviously, the decision to play up depends heavily on the child’s abilities but please consider that whereas playing up has helped some kids, others have also been hurt by the experience. Therefore, the decision to play up should not be taken lightly and some additional factors should be taken into consideration.  For example:

1. Playing up can create extra stress and demands on a young player. The player will need strong self-motivation to make it work.

2. Can my child have fun and friendship with the older kids while playing up? These will not be their classmates.  Most children point to fun and friendship as the main reasons for playing. If they lose these, they generally lose their interest in the sport.

3. Has my child demonstrated mastery of the fundamental skills of the sport compared to age-level peers? Moving kids up before they master the fundamentals can hurt them in the long run if the older team does not spend as much time on basic fundamentals. Also, if they do not have the fundamentals reasonably in hand, they are likely to struggle against older kids who are equal or greater in size or athleticism.

4. Is my child more mentally mature than most age-level peers? Mental readiness is too often overlooked in decision to play up, especially if the child is big for their age. A child who is not mentally ready to manage the stress of playing up might actually lose his natural enthusiasm and leadership ability if they are struggling with self-confidence and more frequent failure against older peers.

5. Is my child physically advanced to the point where he/she physically dominates most age-level peers? If your child is not physically beyond their age-level peers, think carefully about how they are likely to perform against players who are bigger/faster/stronger.

6. Would my child have ample opportunity to practice leadership by playing up? An excellent athlete who sticks with her age group might have many opportunities to practice leadership. A child who plays up might not get that chance until much later, if ever. That early leadership experience can be very important when the child reaches his senior year in high school and is expected to lead the team.

Good sports programs and coaches think carefully about decisions to let kids play up. Beyond the decision of whether it might be good for your child, they have to think about the impact on others in the program as well as risk of injury. There is a massive difference in skill sets and abilities between a 1st grader vs. a 3rd grader, and a 3rd grader vs. a 6th grader.

In summary, there are no hard and fast rules on playing up. We hope these questions will help you think through the options and make the best decision for your child. It might be a good idea to discuss these questions with the coach and/or an ELCO Youth Baseball (EYB) representative.

Should you decide to request having your player move up, please just make a note in the Special Requests section of the registration page.  EYB will consult with your child’s previous year’s coach and you will be notified of their decision to approve or deny the request.


How are team rosters selected?

Every season there are questions as to how team rosters are determined.  We usually start getting these questions about how rosters were divided in the first half of the season, especially if some lopsided games start occurring and people get the impression some teams were ‘stacked’.  We can assure you that whereas there is no ‘stacking’ I can also tell you that there is no perfect system and we do the best we can to give every team an equal roster prior to the start of the season.  There are multiple factors that go into each and every division, community and team.  Here are some basics about the rostering process. 

The very first thing that happens is all players return to the team they were on last year, assuming that they are still in the same division.  

Next, when registering their children, parents can chose what community they prefer to have their player’s team based in.  Most of the time, parents do end up choosing and playing in the communities they live in, but not always.  There can be other factors such as where a baby-sitter lives, where a divorced parent lives, etc.  Also, players may be asked from time to time by ELCO Youth Baseball to move from one community to another to balance some team sizes. This happens more frequently in the communities that may have a limited number of teams in each age division; namely Newmanstown, Schaefferstown and Richland.  It would not make sense to have one 10U team in one community have eighteen players and another 10U team in the neighboring community have only ten players; we would prefer to have both teams have fourteen. 

Within each team/division/community, we try as best as possible to balance the ‘age’ of each team, by keeping the same number of players in each applicable age division.  For example, we would want the same number of eleven and twelve year olds on each of the 12U teams in Myerstown.  This is the same for 10U teams with nine and ten year olds, etc. For Tee Ball we try to make sure the girls are evenly divided so hopefully there is never a situation where a player is upset that they are the ‘only’ girl on the team. 

Then you have to try to balance the teams by talent and skillset.  At the end of each spring season, we ask coaches who their ‘A’ (advanced skills) players are, who their ‘B’ (average skills) players are and lastly who their ‘C’ (developing skills) players are.  We realize this isn’t a perfect science, but it is the best we have come up with at this point.  Obviously, the flaw with this system is the definition of an ‘A’ player can differ from coach to coach.  The old “one man’s floor is another man’s ceiling” saying is very applicable.  Then we also ask the coaches for who their pitchers and catchers were, and we try to give each team in each division the same number of pitchers and catchers. 

Then we take into consideration special requests.  These requests can be related to:

Transportation:  This player must be on the same team as that player as their mutual baby-sitter gives them a ride to practice.Siblings:  Parents who don’t want brothers on two different teams.  This is only applicable within an appropriate age division, kids are not moved ‘up’ for this reason.Personality conflicts:  I don’t want to play for that coach.  I would like to play for this coach.

Then you also have teams that don’t have any coach or a limited coaching staff.  We then find ourselves shifting kids around to make sure you have an equal number of coaches, assistant coaches, base coaches, bench coaches, team parents and helpers on each team. 

As you can hopefully see, there is a lot involved in this process.  Also please keep in mind, there are other factors that can come into play once we finalize the rosters.  We have kids that never show up, quit after three practices, or get injured.  Some teams just get terribly unlucky during the month of April and get a vast majority of their practices cancelled due to weather. 


What does ELCO Youth Baseball offer for players older than twelve years old?The transition for players from twelve year old to teenage baseball can sometimes be very intimidating.  Some players can make this transition smoothly and others could use more time.  ELCO Youth Baseball (EYB) recognizes this and is proud to offer a transitional brand of baseball for thirteen and fourteen year olds.  We call this team EYB 14U, which stands for players that are 14 years old and under only.  This team will play in the Lancaster County Youth Baseball League (lancoyouthbaseball.org) – 14U Section 3 division.  This league / division is structured for ball players that are 13 or 14 years old that want to continue to learn good fundamental baseball while at the same time play in a competitive league. 

History has shown that there is a large drop-off of the number of players that “hang up the cleats” at this age level.  EYB’s hopes are that by offering this program in addition to the other teenage programs in the area; we can keep more players on the field.

Coach Registration

Clearance & Safety Training:

Concussion Training Website <--- NEW!!!

Follow these steps to get certified.
           1. "Concussion in Sports- What You Need to Know" course
           2.  Click "Please Log-in To Order"
           3.  You will need to click "Register Now" to create account.
           4.  Remember to print your certificate when you pass.

Cardiac Training Website <--- NEW!!!

Follow these steps to get certified.
           1. "CardiacWise" course
           2.  Click "Enroll Now (Free)" to get started.
           3.  Remember to print your certificate when you pass.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance 

The Lebanon County Pony Baseball League will be requiring all head coaches and assistant coaches to obtain a CY-113 Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form. Due to this being the first year of this policy for the this newly formed league, as well as this policy being new to ELCO Youth Baseball, the template we will use for this requirement will be to copy what Ebenezer Baseball & Softball Association has been using. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement this requirement. 

Ebenezer Baseball and Softball Association Background and Child Abuse History Clearance Program FAQ

What is the policy?

Ebenezer Baseball and Softball Association has adopted a policy regarding designated coaches and/or elected officers and coordinators to provide background checks from the Pennsylvania State Police (criminal background check) and the Department of Public Welfare (child abuse history form) in order to be eligible to coach and/or volunteer in the program.

How often do I need to get the clearance?

Once a candidate has been approved by the Commissioner, the approval to coach shall be effective for a two year period from the clearance date listed on the forms of the Background check.

I have a clearance for another sport or employment or church…is that acceptable?

Yes, as long as it is no more than two years old and it matches the clearance in the “How do I obtain the clearance” section below.

When did the policy take effect?

March 2011.  Any person who expresses interest in being a coach will be required to provide proof of compliance with EPatch prior to actively supervising any children.

Who does the policy apply to?

The policy applies to all head coaches/managers, assistant coaches or elected Association Officers or Coordinators.  

How do I obtain the clearance?

For Pennsylvania Civil Background Checks, please go to the Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (“PATCH”) web site located at https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp and follow the instructions under “Record Check.” The cost is $10.00.         For the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, please go to the Department of Public Welfare web site at www.dpw.state.pa.us and download the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113) and follow the instructions on the web page. The cost is $10.00 and must be paid by money order.

Upon receipt of the forms, contact the Association President or Vice President who will examine them and note the date and time of the clearance and any identifying transaction number on the forms. The President or Vice President will, at the next regularly scheduled meeting, enter that information into the meeting minutes to serve as the official record of the clearance.  Once the President or Vice President are satisfied that the clearance is sufficient, the cleared person may actively conduct Association business or coaching duties even if it has not been announced at a meeting.

What type of conduct disqualifies a person?

An individual shall not be qualified to coach/volunteer in the event the criminal background check and/or the child abuse history clearance reveals any prior convictions for crimes or offenses which negatively impact the health, safety and welfare of children. Such offenses shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:Providing alcoholic beverages to minors.Sexual offenses, including but not limited to child pornography.Employing a child to commit a crime.Endangering the welfare of a child.Illegally selling or providing firearms or other weapons to minors.Luring a child into a motor vehicle.Lewdness and obscenity towards childrenDomestic violence or abuseAny solicitation or criminal attempt or criminal conspiracy related to these and similar types of crimes.The list of crimes and violations contained in this section is for illustrative purposes only and shall not be construed as a limitation on those criminal activities or violations that would be grounds to disqualify a person from Association activities.        Individuals with any open criminal charges for crimes indicated above shall be precluded from coaching or volunteering until the active case is brought to final resolution. 

Who decides if a candidate is not eligible to coach and/or volunteer?

The Executive Board shall determine whether or not an individual’s prior criminal history shall prevent him or her from being involved with the Association. In making such determination, the Executive Board shall determine whether there has been an act or violation that impacts the health, safety and welfare of children, including but not limited to those items contained above. There is no appeal beyond this measure. Denial for Child Abuse History Clearances cannot be appealed.

Who will maintain the records and will the information be confidential?

The individual who has obtained the clearance will keep the forms. The Association will only retain information about the clearance in the meeting minutes indicating that the person has a clearance that is effective for two years from the date of the clearance.

Spring Registration

Thank you for your interest in registering your player for the upcoming Spring baseball season.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED: Please note that registration was open between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. No late registrations will be accepted.

Registration Instructions:

1) On the next two pages you will have to read and acknowledge ELCO Youth Baseball's Policy of Appropriate Conduct and Waiver & Release, before entering the registration system.
2) Once you have entered the registration system, please be sure to complete the form and click 'Submit' at the end of the page.
3) If you entered an e-mail address for the player on your registration, you will get an e-mailed receipt confirming your registration.
4) CREDIT AND DEBIT CARD PAYMENT OPTION! We  accept credit and debit card payments online! If you chose this option, you need not mail in any paperwork.
5) If you would still prefer to pay via check or money order, please be sure to print off a copy of the e-mail you received from us and mail it with a check payable to ELCO Youth Baseball to:

ELCO Youth Baseball

PO Box 1

Myerstown, PA 17067


6U = $30 

8U = $40 

10U = $50 

12U = $50 

Midget = $75 

14U = $75

You can pay online using a credit or debit card.  In addition to registration, all league information will be available online.  The following age divisions are available:

  • 6U (Coed) = 5 or 6 years old by August 31, 2018 
  • 8U = 7 or 8 years old by August 31, 2018
  • 10U = 9 or 10 years old: if born before August 31, 2007 by May 1st, 2018; if born after August 31, 2007 by August 31, 2018 
  • 12U = 11 or 12 years old: if born before August 31, 2007 by May 1st, 2018; if born after August 31, 2007 by August 31, 2018
  • “Midget” = Players must be 10, 11, or 12 if born before August 31, 2007 by May 1st, 2018; if born after August 31, 2007 by August 31, 2018 ($50 is due when you send in your registration and if your player “makes” the team, an additional $25 will be due.)
  • 14U = (This is our “Teener” program. The full $75 is due when you send in your registration.) 

If you have any registration questions, please contact Brian McDonnell at baseball@elcoyouthsports.org

If you do not have an e-mail address or a functioning printer, please just mail the check payable to ELCO Youth Baseball with a note indicating your players name, grade in school, school attending and birth date to the address above.

Once you have mailed in your registration, you can expect to hear back from your coach in March about your practice schedule. Practices normally start in April. 

Newmanstown Junior Legion:

Any boys ages 13-15 (can't turn 16 prior to 4/30) from Newmanstown, Richland, or Schaefferstown that are interested in trying out for the Newmanstown Maroons Junior Legion team, please contact Chris Ruth at 717-866-6011 or caruth19@hotmail.com