Myerstown Panthers

Est. 1959

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Who We Are

  The Myerstown Panthers Football Program is one of the oldest programs in the Lebanon Valley and is FREE to all interested children ages 5 to 13 (as of July 1st) in the area. 

The Myerstown Panthers have joined the Berks Area Youth Football League (BAYFL). 2019 is the Panthers 60thof football! We look forward to celebrating our 60th season in our new League!

A Letter From Our Coaches

Future Panther Parent,

Not just football, but youth sports in general, are a great way to teach your children basic skills such as: teamwork, leadership, organization, responsibility, critical thinking, and how to perform under pressure. Which will all be useful skills in everyday situations as your child gets older. We look forward to coaching your child, and have your family involved with our program. 


Panther Coaching Staff

Dates to Remember!

Aug. 9 2018 - Football sign-ups for all ages at Rager Field 6pm

Aug. 28 2018 - Ponies and Pee-Wee's weigh-ins @ Optimus Park in Lebanon 7:45pm

Aug. 29 2018 - Midget weigh-ins @ Optimus Park in Lebanon 7:45pm

Sep. 2 2018 - First Game! @ Ebenezer 1pm Midgets, Ponies to Follow.

Sept. 15 2018 - Saturday Afternoon PEE-WEE JAMBOREE! @ Myerstown

Sept. 19 2018 - Week 3 weigh-in (if needed) 6pm @ Ebenezer Field

Oct. 9 2018 - Mid Season weigh-in (week 6 only if needed)

Online Registration


We are pleased to offer online registration for the upcoming football season.  Please click the button below to register your player.

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General Information

Practice with full equipment will begin Monday Aug. 12th at 5:30 – 7:30 pm. 

Practice will be held Mon thru Fri. 5:30- 7:30 pm until school starts.

Practice will then be held Mon. thru Thur. 5:30-7:00 pm.

A-TEAM Games are generally held on Sunday afternoons. B-Team games on Saturday mornings.

The BAYFL is an age based league. There is NOT a weight limit for players at any age group. 

A players age on July 1st is his age for the entire season.

13 year olds may participate, so long as they DO NOT turn 13 prior to July 1st. (Example: Johnny wants to play football this season (2019). Johnny’s will turn 13 on June 30th, 2019. Johnny is not eligible to play this season. 

Jimmy wants to play football as well. Jimmy turns 13 on July 1st, 2019. Jimmy can play.)

8th Grade children, NO MATTER THE AGE, CAN NOT participate in the BAYFL.

Seattle Seahawks Tackling Teaching Tape:

Check out this great video

Teams of the Berks Area Football League





Oley Valley

Schuylkill Valley

Twin Valley

Blue Mountain

Upper Perkiomen

Conrad Weiser


Coaches Contact Information

Pee Wee:

Dave Bateman, 484-388-1059,


Jim Gettle, 717-272-0478,


Greg Petruska, 717-644-5447 (call/text), 

Matt Arnold, 717-821-2632 (call/text),  

John Mentzer, 717-507-2619,