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Important Information:

Online Registration and Payment:

We are excited to announce that we are now using an online registration system and we are also capable of receiving your payment online.  We anticipate this being a convenience to both our parents, as well as the program administrators.  

Registration Fee:

Registration this year is $60. This is due on at the first meeting. If you do not have your registration at the first meeting your child will not be allowed to practice and it will be considered a strike.

Cheer "KIT": ($220)

Crop top, spanks, socks, bow, name embroidered cheer bag, name embroidered warm-ups (pants and jacket), shoes.

There is to be NO eating, drinking anything other than water while in these uniforms. Your child is not to wear them at all other than game days and when instructed by a coach for a special group event.



It is mandatory that your child attends. It is your responsibility to provide transportation. If any problems occur please speak with your child’s coach. Location for camp is to be determined. 

We look forward to having an AMAZING season!

Online Registration:



In an effort to provide convenience to both our parents and board members, we now offer online registration, as well as the option to pay your registration fees online. 

Action required

Please note, a critical review of the five Program Documents (above) is required before registering your child.  

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To give children from ages five to twelve (or until 6th grade) a chance to make lifelong friendships in a happy, energetic, structured fun filled cheer environment.

Season & Practice

Our season starts mid March through November. Practices are two to three times weekly. Practice may be out doors depending on weather. Practice could be called up to 30 mins before start time in case of bad weather or unseen circumstances.

Tryouts are the end of March and 100% participation is a MUST. 


The Panthers fundraising is crucial to our organization. We are a non profit organization. All of the money brought in by the organization is used for the organization. We do offer incentives for your child to accumulate money in their “account” through fundraising to help cover costs for themselves for the season (pom poms, warm ups, sneakers, etc). 

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Midgets: Erin Snader & Kira Zimmerman 

Mites: Liana Raihl & Amanda Torres 

Mighty Mites: Liana Raihl & Holly Spangler 

Flaggers: Nicky Snyder 

Board of Officers: 

Erin Snader, President  (ph: 717.821.0297)

Liana Raihl, Vice President  (ph: 717.383.0482)

Kira Zimmerman, Treasurer  (ph: 717.673.7478)

Amanda Torres, Secretary  (ph: 717-926-2494)

Myerstown Panthers Cheerleading Organization

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